New Trends In Environmental Reporting

Lately I have noticed a dramatic increase in the amount of articles related to climate change, research, mitigation proposals, and analyses of current strategies. I wanted to share some of these with you. They reveal a new trend in current thinking, and many interesting perspectives have been raised.

On all major news websites, you can find at least one article pertaining to the environment. Environmental reporting is becoming more pertinent and concrete, using examples/situations in the US and taking firmer stances. Authors are analyzing the green movement, its benefits, and its weaknesses. Feasible solutions are posited. Research is reinforcing the need for action. More people are rallying to fight, educate, act, inspire, and protect. Climate change and the need for action is coming into the forefront of the national spotlight.

I don’t agree with the perspectives in all of these articles. However the increase in environmental writing is noticeable, and each author raises unique points. Read and enjoy!

Is It Weird Enough Yet? Thomas Friedman, New York Times

What Does The Public Know About Climate Change? Kaitlin Alexander, NextGen Journal

“No Substitute” For Virgin Forest, BBC

Going Green But Getting Nowhere, Gernot Wagner, New York Times 

More FHTE and news to come soon!



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