What Makes FHTE Different

First Here, Then Everywhere currently features a story about Stacy Meadows and her environmental activism. Stacy mobilized her town and school in West Virginia to become aware of consumption habits. Her community now has many new devotees to recycling and other eco-friendly routines. She also founded her school’s eco-club, which quickly became one of the biggest groups in school. Stacy is a founder of a green movement. She educated and inspired. Her community–and the planet–are better places because of her work.

Today, with the help of the internet, Stacy’s work can be shared with the world to inspire others just as she inspired her school. As a fellow environmental activist, I understand the importance of this act of sharing. When I first began my ‘green’ career in my rural town, I was isolated without any knowledge of other young activists like myself. The more I learned about online networks and support for environmentalists, the more effective I became. In  retrospect, I realize that what I really needed was a hub where I could meet other activists, learn about their work, and gain access to resources that I could apply to my projects. I didn’t find that kind of hub, so I created it. And that is First Here, Then Everywhere.

FHTE is unlike other online networks for environmentalists for a few reasons. First, it is aimed a youth, the generation that will confront the major effects of climate change. Secondly, FHTE showcases youth-led initiatives so members and the public can see and understand the actions that are being undertaken to mitigate climate change. If these young people can do it, then so can anyone else.  FHTE also provides resources–like interviews with featured ventures. Next up I’ll be posting toolkits that support youth eco-activists in tackling a variety of projects. This will make FHTE both a   hub and a learning center for environmentalists.

So for all of you who have already started or may just be starting an environmental venture, I hope you find inspiration, resources, support, and friends on FHTE that will help you in your quest to make this planet healthier, safer, and sustainable.

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