FHTE is really real

As you know, I am the founder and current president of the Climate Action Club (http://laclimateaction.webs.com).  One of our projects right now is a reusable bag campaign. We just finished a massive outreach and fundraising effort so we can reduce the use of plastic bags in our town.

CAC members and I spent 2 weeks handing out a 1-page fact sheet, describing the negative effects of plastic bags, and free reusable bags to local citizens. We also published many articles in the local newspaper. These actions publicized our work and galvanized a wave of support for our campaign.

We then raised $4300 for the purchase of reusable bags. $1000 was donated by Chloe Maxmin from the Prudential award, $1500 was donated by a state program, and $1800 was donated by local individuals, organizations, and business.
I have just confirmed an order of 1900 bags. One side of the bag will feature a CAC-made logo. The other side will feature our sponsors’ name/logos. The bags are polypropalene, made from 20% recycled materials.

We will sell the bags at various stores around town. ALL proceeds will go back to the CAC so we can buy more bags. This will create a sustainable renewable process.We will also give out data cards which have information about the campaign and quantitative data: we will save 671,000 plastic bags from landfills, 4.8 x 10^10 lbs of CO2, and almost 400,000,000 BTUs.

As we sell the bags over the summer, tourists will learn about the initiative. They will talk about our project, take their bags home to places all over the country, and display them at their local supermarkets. Furthermore, the local citizens who use our bags will help us sustain the project and make it bigger and stronger.

This is First Here, Then Everywhere.


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