One of the main purposes of First Here, Then Everywhere is to feature the work of young activists. Each month, youth-led environmental initiatives will be featured on First Here, Then Everywhere. These initiatives illustrate the actions that are being taken around the world to mitigate global warming.

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CURRENT INITIATIVE (posted August 6, 2014): Wyatt Workman

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Wyatt is ten years old, but he’s already making a big difference in the world. Wyatt is passionate about the ocean–about all of the creatures, big and little, that depends on the ocean. But Wyatt see how trash is threatening the ocean and its inhabitants. So he is taking action. Wyatt makes art–from paintings and drawings to movies and books–and sells them. Then he donates all of the profits to Oceana, an ocean advocacy group.

Wyatt’s art was recently showcased at his first art show, and it sold out as over 200 people helped raise $2,800 for ocean advocacy. He has also written his own book that tells the story of the “Trash Monster” who is trying to take over the ocean. The sea creatures try to stop him, but he is very powerful. And what’s more–Wyatt also made his own movie when he was seven years old to illustrate the ocean’s trash epidemic and offer ideas for how people can take action. Wyatt just won 2nd place in the Action for Nature international eco awards, and he’s featured in the YouthLeader card game and posters (United Nations project).

Wyatt encourages everyone to use creativity and passion to help the environment. We can all make a difference!

To contact Wyatt, please email: To learn more about Wyatt’s work, visit

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