Welcome to First Here, Then Everywhere!

Founded by Chloe Maxmin (23)–who has been an activist for 11 years–FHTE is a space for young climate activists to share experiences with other activists around the globe. FHTE arose out of Chloe Maxmin’s experience with climate activism and how one person and one group of people can spark a  movement. She experienced this phenomenon twice in her life: through her work with the Climate Action Club, which she started at her rural Maine high school, and with Divest Harvard, the campaign that she co-founded at Harvard University calling on Harvard to divest from fossil fuel companies. This website also acts as a platform for her work, thoughts, writing, and media coverage.

MISSION: The mission of this site is to highlight youth climate activism around the world.

PHILOSOPHY: Climate change threatens all that we love, so we have a responsibility to act. This is why I call for a ‘radical now,’ not a radical future. We must live the values that we believe in to create a different world and different forms of power.

CURRENT INITIATIVE (posted August 6, 2014):

Wyatt Workman

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 4.09.01 PM

Click here to read about Wyatt’s work, and click here to read an interview with Wyatt.