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Founded by Chloe Maxmin, FHTE is a place for young environmentalists to speak out and share experiences with other activists around the globe. Here you have the opportunity to connect with other young environmentalists, share insights, ideas, troubles, accomplishments, and questions. Become a part of this powerful network.

MISSION: The mission of this site is to unite young environmentalists around the world to fight climate change. Whether you already have an active venture and you want to connect with other environmentalists, or you are just beginning your project and you want support and advice–First Here, Then Everywhere will enable you to find the help you need.

PHILOSOPHY: Our mission will spread across the country and the world, motivating teenagers to stand up and act. Collectively, our actions will effect long-lasting positive change.

CURRENT INITIATIVE (posted August 6, 2014):

Wyatt Workman

Screen Shot 2014-08-06 at 4.09.01 PM

Click here to read about Wyatt’s work, and click here to read an interview with Wyatt.